Sunmow Holding Berhad

Construction of 15 Storey Hotel


  • Construction Of Multipurpose Hall & General Office/Resource Centre
  • Construction Of 10 Units Of 3-Storey Shophouses, 4 Units Of Double Storey Semi-Detached Houses, 120 Units Of Double Storey Terrace Houses & 28 Units Of Single Storey Spektra Lite Terrace Houses
  • Construction Of 15 Storey Hotel
  • Construction Of 3-Storey Shopoffice
  • Construction Of The Extension To Existing 4-Storey Commercial / Office Building – Farley
  • Construction Of The Gereja Umum - BEM Church
  • Construction Of The 1 Units Of Double Storey Semi-Detached House
  • Construction Of The 3-Storey Showroom Cum 2-Storey Office
  • Construction Of The Mixed Development– SK ONE GARDEN CITY
  • Construction Of The Mixed Development – PHASE 1: THE PROJECT / WORK
  • Construction Of The Mixed Development -PHASE 1: PARAGON
  • Construction Of Mixed Development – PETRONAS OFFICE
  • Construction Of The Landscape Works For Piazza
  • Construction Of The Single Storey Hypermarket
  • Construction Of The Development Of Lot 4062, Block 26, Kemena Land District(Phase 5)
  • Construction of 13-Storey Commercial/Office/Soho/Multi-Storey Car Park Complex With Strata Titles
  • Construction of Four-Storey Apartment Samalaju Eco-Park at Samalaju Industrial Park, Bintulu, Sarawak
  • The construction and completion of Staff Quarters at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi, Bintulu, Sarawak