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Operator Familiarisation Training 2023

The Operator Familiarisation Training, conducted by Manitou Malaysia MH Sdn Bhd, took place on 16 June 2023. This training aimed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to drive, operate, and maintain Manitou machines effectively. 

During the training, participants were engaged in comprehensive sessions covering various aspects of operating Manitou machines. The primary focus was on the following topics:

1. Driving and Operating the Manitou Machine: The participants received detailed instructions on the proper techniques and procedures for driving and operating Manitou machines. They learned about the various controls, safety features, and best practices for efficient and safe operation.

2. Machine Care and Maintenance: Another crucial aspect of the training was teaching the participants how to take care of the machine. This included checking engine oil levels, hydraulic oil levels, and other important maintenance tasks. The trainers emphasized the significance of regular maintenance to ensure optimal machine performance and longevity.

The training sessions were conducted by the two experienced trainers from Manitou Malaysia MH Sdn Bhd. With their in-depth knowledge of Manitou machines and their operation, the trainers provided hands-on demonstrations, practical exercises, and interactive discussions. This approach allowed the participants to actively engage with the trainers and gain a thorough understanding of operating and maintaining Manitou machines.

Throughout the training, the participants had the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge in practical scenarios. They received guidance and feedback from the trainers, enabling them to refine their skills and build confidence in their abilities to handle Manitou machines.

The event was successful in equipping the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate and maintain Manitou machines effectively. By emphasizing safety practices and maintenance procedures, the training ensured that the participants could utilize the equipment efficiently while prioritizing their own safety and the safety of those around them.