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Sunmow Tagline/Catchphrase Competition

The competition was held from 07th December 2021 to 17th December 2021 and was open to all Sunmow Employees. Total of 17 employees participated in this competition and the prize-giving ceremony was held on 21st April 2022 at Sunmow Head Office.

The Winner:

1st Place: Jessie Supang Lawai (HQ)
Slogan: “Together with us to build a sustainable future.”

2nd Place: Shirley Yew Ngee Kiong (SKONE)
Slogan: “Let your dream be our project.” (让你的梦想,成为我们的工程)

3rd Place: Raodah Binti Hussein (HQ)
Slogan: “Once a dream, now your building.”

The rest of Participants:

4 – Kong Chung Ming
“Unity is Strength, Together We Create a Brighter Future”

5 – Lu Siew Ung (HQ)
“Build Intelligence, Build Efficient, Build A Better Future”

6 – Michael Lee Wei Kiang (SK1 Site)
“Sunmow, construct your future” (三毛,建你的未来)

7 – Crystal Wong Hung            QS (HQ)          
“You trust, we build Your paradise, Sunmow will fight.”

8 – Daniel Yii Yang Hung (SK1 Site)
“Reinforcing the future.”

9 – Koh Jian Liang (HQ)
“Surpass oUrselves aNd Move Onwards Without limit (SUNMOW).”

10 – Nazima Rumainor (HQ)
“Broad vision, From concept to creation.”

11 – Hee Eng Lee (HQ)            
“Sunmow make our life wonderful.”

12 – Yong Sze Ling (HQ)          
“We construct excellent quality, We build for better tomorrow.”

13 – Norhidayah Binti Hamden (HQ)  
“Spark your imagination with us/Sunmow.”